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Advertising & Marketing

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Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Google Slides


Michigan Advertising and Marketing (MAM) is a student organization at the University of Michigan which provides its members with the opportunity to work with and impact real businesses by providing them with valuable feedback, marketing insights, event planning, and creative material.


Vice President of Creative Design, Account Director, Creative Design Team member


September 2017 - April 2021
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Leadership, Project Management, Client Communication, Branding, Market Research, Graphic Design, Print Design, Presentation, Public Speaking

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Creative Design Member

I served MAM as a Creative Design Team (CDT) member from September 2017 - May 2019. During this time, I designed fliers for several organizations and local businesses, including United 2 Heal, Iorio’s Gelateria, and Teaspressa.

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Teaspressa is a coffee-inspired tea shop that began in Arcadia, Arizona. They expanded to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2018. However, being farther from campus compared to other more conveniently located coffee stores, Teaspressa encountered difficulty with generating brand awareness amongst college-age young adults.

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Teaspressa Print Design

As the Creative Design Team member — and later Account Director — assigned to work with Teaspressa, I was tasked with envisioning creative campaigns and advertisements to segment their audience to the local university student population.

During my time with Teaspressa, I designed two fliers: one for general use detailing a 10% discount for customers, and one to celebrate the 2018-2019 launch of the student-run food publication, Wolverine Cuizine.

Because the Wolverine Cuizine launch would be at Teaspressa, but also feature the startup Gonana’s banana bread and ice cream from a local creamery, I felt it would be fun to parody Spotify’s highly recognizable UI in the flier and position it as a “best hits” food event featuring other artists.

wolverine cuizine flierteaspressa flier
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Teaspressa Takeaways

Since Teaspressa already had an established brand, working with them taught me how to design in accordance to a brand guideline while still exercising my creativity.

As the Account Director for Teaspressa in Winter 2019, I also served as a liaison between Teaspressa and our club members. This taught me how to effectively communicate with clients and lead a project team.

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Vice President of Creative Design

In May 2019, I became the Vice President of Creative Design at MAM. In this position, I managed and led our 15+ CDT members across our 15 different and rotating clients. In addition to training new members through weekly workshops, I served as one of the lead designers representing the club as a whole.

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Member Spotlight Awards

To boost member retention and appreciation during the Fall 2019 semester (and beyond), our executive board wanted to award members for outstanding work or achievements with their clients. I presented two mockups of the award to the executive board, and we chose to go with a colorful and modern design for the print. 

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New Member Workshops

As Vice President of Creative Design, I also educated new CDT members on design thinking and strategy through weekly workshops. Topics included Visual Literacy, Color Psychology Advertising, Photoshop, and Designing for Accessibility.

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I always aim for my presentations to be as accessible as possible, especially for those who were unable to be at my presentations in-person, or who would simply like to review the slides. I leave thorough notes beneath every slide to emulate the verbal content of my presentations, so that those who may have missed it can still gain a comprehensive understanding of all the material shown. Feel free to browse through some of my presentations below!

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Vice President of Creative Design Takeaways

Through my time as Vice President of Creative Design at MAM, I’ve learned how to manage both myself and others. I have to make sure all my presentations are ready to present by the end of each week, and that all my CDT members submit quality deliverables to their clients on time. Because I’ve been a part of MAM for my entire university student career, it was so rewarding to watch how the club and its members grew and evolved over time.