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I love experimenting with After Effects and other animation tools to bring my work to life. Having focused on animation for my Art & Design minor, my courses have sparked a lifelong interest in motion design!


September 2020 - April 2021


Procreate, After Effects, Premiere Pro

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Animation, Video Production, Illustration, Stop Motion, Graphic Design

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Chartmetric Webinar Intro + Outro

A simple intro and outro video for Chartmetric's live webinar series: Off the Charts.

Sounds from freesound and Date Night.

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Life on Loop

The prompt for this project was to create a ten-second loop crystallizing a short story or idea drawn from our lives. I chose to make a piece illustrating the state of my mind as I tried to attend university during a pandemic.

Sounds from freesound.

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Music & Motion

In this project, I visualized the sound of music by using simple shapes and a limited color palette.

Music by Beethoven.

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Animated Self Portrait

Though I was meant to study abroad in Australia for the duration of Winter 2020, I had to leave the country early as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, instead of going back to America, I ended up traveling to Taiwan to be with my family. Due to subsequent health concerns regarding the pandemic, I ultimately chose to stay in Taiwan for the duration of my senior year and take my classes completely online. This final animation project illustrated the places I’ve traveled to throughout my life and how Covid impacted my journey.

Sounds and music from freesound.

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Stop Motion Final

This stop motion final challenged me to mix stop motion and digital animation techniques. A few months prior to this project, my cousin and I visited Tainan, Taiwan: a city teeming with historical and religious buildings. I was drawn to the traditional Buddhist colors and architectures of the temples, and wanted to animate something using them as inspiration. 

Music from freesound.

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Learning After Effects was a huge learning curve, but I now really enjoy making short animations in the program. My Art & Design courses really sparked my interest in animation, and I want to experiment more with incorporating motion into future work.