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(Adobe x Twitch Creative Jam)

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Adobe Xd


"Twitch communities are made up of diehard fans who learn about their passions from many different forms. Live streaming is one way to tap into knowledge, but how can this sharing become truly omnidirectional? How can someone share a baking method from a French cookbook with someone specifically seeking how to bake macarons? How can someone share a brush demonstration scene in a documentary with another seeking the specific painting technique? In other words, how can communities help each other connect the dots between multiple sources?"


March 2021, 1 week


Sharon Lin, Valerie Le


UI/UX Designer


Honorable Mention (Top 20 of 116 teams)

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Collaboration, Branding, High-Fidelity Prototyping, Time Management

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1. Receive Adobe Jam prompt.
2. Develop potential solution to prompt.
3. Collaborate with fellow UI/UX Designer to create a mockup of our solution.
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With Palette, users can document progress, create Collections of content, and share with others. There are few software that support collaboration for digital painting, graphic, and experience design. Artists can unite in real time through a cloud-based canvas, My Palette, that supports simultaneous digital art making and streaming with ease. 

Furthermore, users can access modules that offer detailed art lessons across a variety of topics. Through the Explore and Categories pages, users may filter content and discover new voices. Palette also supports emotes and live chat features to further foster community between artists and viewers. Our platform enables users to access high quality art content in a space designed for interacting with fellow creatives — bridging the worlds of streaming, art, and education.